Location of Events

Refer to Courtenay map to find the symposium events locations.


Welcome Reception                         Courtenay and District Museum

Register                                            Courtenay and District Museum

Paleo-prep workshop                       Courtenay and District Museum

Paleo-Art show                                 Courtenay and District Museum

Posters                                             Courtenay and District Museum

VIPS Fossil Displays                        Florence Filberg center

All symposium presentations           Florence Filberg center



  • Parking is free in the several parking areas around the Courtenay Museum and the Florence Filberg Center.
  • For the Friday welcome reception, please park in the Florence Filberg Center parking area or in the Native Son’s parking lot and walk to the Museum.
  • For the Friday field trip to the Puntledge River, please park behind the Museum.
  • For the Sunday field trip to Trent River, please park behind the Museum or in the nearest parking lot.
  • For the Monday field trip to Hornby Island, please park behind the Museum or in the nearest parking lot.



Transit buses run regularly in Courtenay at a cost of $2.00/ person and most end up at the Courtenay Museum bus stop.


Welcome Reception

The VIPS and the Museum will host the Welcome Reception and the Museum 6:00 to 8:30 pm Friday, August 17th.


Paleo-Art Show

The Art show will be installed Tuesday before the event and will be on display August - September. Judging is August 18th and prizes will be presented at the Symposium Banquet on Saturday evening.  There in a $10 fee per art item in the show. No commission will be charged but donations to VIPS are welcome.



Tables for vendors will be provided. Each vendor must be pre-approved by the Symposium committee. Setup is between 12:00 and 6:00 pm Friday. The Marketplace will be open Friday 6:00-9:00 pm, Saturday 9:00-4:00 pm and Sunday 9:00-1:00 pm. All materials must be removed by 4:00 pm Sunday May 20th. Symposium giftware will be available at the Marketplace.


Information for Speakers

Speakers: All the talks are in the Florence Filberg Center, 411 Anderton Road. Each presentation is 25 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for questions. There are a few shorter presentations. PowerPoint presentations are to be delivered to the Tech master Bob Wells on Saturday morning at 8:00 am for review and loading.


Posters and displays: All posters and fossil displays should to be set up with our staff between 8:00 and 9:30 pm Friday night in the Museum and Florence Filberg Center. All displays and posters must be removed by 4:00 pm Sunday. (Posters will go up at the Museum for Friday night then move to the Filberg Center Saturday for the presentations).


Saturday Lunch

Lunch, will be available at your expense, there are over 12 great eating places within 2-3 blocks of the Museum and Filberg Centre.We have allowed 1 hour and 15 minutes for lunch.


Saturday Banquet

The Symposium Banquet will be held on Saturday night in Banquet room on the second floor of the Florence Filberg Centre (411 Anderton Ave). Park on the lower or upper level. Social starts at 6:00 pm.


Sunday Lunch

Lunch will be at your expense at the many eating places in Courtenay.


Field trips

Those that have registered for field trips will receive a Field Trip Guide with their registration package. Vans, cars, or buses will be arranged for the three field trips. Because of the limited access to collecting areas, carpooling will be encouraged. It is your responsibility to get a lunch if necessary. Be on time for the field trip. Vehicles will leave promptly at the designated time.


Friday early bird field trip to the Puntledge River will leave from behind the Museum at1:00 pm and return at 4:30 pm to give time for the Friday evening events.


Sunday field trip to the Trent River will depart at 1:00 pm from the museum and return to the Museum at 4:30 pm.


Monday field trip all day to Hornby Island by bus or car pool will depart from the main entrance round about at 8:00 am sharp to catch the 9:00 am ferry.



Schedule of Events


Friday, August 17th


12:00-18:00       Registration                                                                           Courtenay Museum

12:00-18:00       Poster setup                                                                          Courtenay Museum

1:00- 16:30        Field trip to Puntledge River (with Dan Bowen)                    Courtenay Museum

16:30-17:30      BCPA meeting                                                                        Courtenay Museum

18:00-20:30      Welcome Reception                                                               Courtenay Museum

                         Paleo-Art Show Open                                                            Courtenay Museum

                         Posters                                                                                   Courtenay Museum


Saturday, August 18th



08:00-16:00      Registration open                                                                   Courtenay Museum

09:00-16:00      Paleo-Art Show Open                                                            Courtenay Museum

0:900-16:00      Posters / Display Open                                                          Filberg Centre

0:900-16:00      Marketplace open                                                                  Filberg Center



09:00-09:15       Welcome from BCPA and VIPS (Tom and Dan)

09:15-09:45      1) Keynote speaker, Dr. Richard Hebda

9:45-10:15        2) Dr. Jim Haggart & Ray Graham: The crinoid Marsupites on VI

10:15-10:30      Nutrition break


10:30-11:00      3) Misha Whittingt & others: New Heteromorph

11:00-11:30      4) Neal Larson & Alan Schaffert: Nostoceratidae, the mutant family!

11:30-12:00      5) Peter Ward & others: Nautilus and Allonautilus of Nanaimo Group

12:00-13:10      LUNCH (downtown Courtenay)


13:10-13:35      6) S.M McLachlan & others: Dinoflagellate cysts of Hornby Island

13:35-14:00      7) Matthew Vavrek & others: New helochelydrid turtle from VI

14:00-14:30      8) Ji Yeon Shin: Crushing bites of chimaeroids (ratfish) from VI

14:30-14:50      9) Jim Haggart & others: Yukon dinosaur highway

14:50-15:05      Nutrition break


15:05-15:30      10) Marji Johns: Refining age in the Cenozoic of VI

15:30-16:00      11) Gary Kaiser & Marji Johns: Avian Fossils of SW BC

16:00-16:30      12)  George Mustoe: Preservation of fossil wood


18:00-21:00      Banquet at the Florence Filberg Center, 411 Anderton Road

18:00-19:00      Social Hour

19:00-11:00      Dinner banquet, Presentations and Awards


Sunday, May 20th


08:00-13:00      Registration open

09:00-13:00      Art show open, “The art and nature of paleontology”

09:00-13:00      Poster Viewing and Fossil displays

09:00-13:00      Marketplace open, Artwork, Tee Shirts, Fossil mugs and books




Welcome back and Introductions

09:00-09:25      13) Michael Wilson: Chasing mammoths to the west coast

09:25-09:50      14) Jim Haggart & others: Strata of Oyster Bay - 56 million and 25 years old

09:50-10:20      15) Randall Mendal: The paleobotany of Appian Way

10:20-10:35      Nutrition break


10:35-11:00      16) David Evans: Hadrosaurid dinosaurs from Trent River

11:00-11:30      17) Richard Hebda: Refugium VI: some new Ideas.

11:30 -11:55     18) Ray Troll: Buzz saw sharks of long ago

11:55-12:00      Jim Haggart: Closing statements

12:00-1:00         Lunch (downtown Courtenay)


1:15-16:30         Fossil preparation workshop (Air scribe and rock saw): Meet Jay Hawley and Dan Bowen
                          at Courtenay Museum workshop.


13:00-17:00      Field trip, Trent River: Meet Pat Trask at Museum


Monday May 21st


8:00-17:00        Field Trip, Hornby Island Field: Meet Betty Franklin and Dan Bowen at Museum


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Courtenay Museum and Filberg Centre are about 100 m apart and an easy walk.

There is ample parking in areas with a "P".













Any questions call Dan Bowen, Symposium Chair, 250-897-5026

Or/ Gillian Miller at the Courtenay Museum, 250-334-0686, ext. 5