VIPS Field Trips & Events 2023

To the members of the VIPS:

The VIPS plans to have a field trip and presentation each month. All are welcome.  Please call me, 250 897 5026, and or meet at 2120 Stewart Ave. I will update the events periodically based on weather or conflicts.


For all VIPS presentations zoom link directly from


1) January 15th, Sunday at 2:00 pm/ Grant Zazula  •  Woolly Mammoths Remains from the Yukon & Extinct Arctic Mammals.


2) Feb 19th, Sunday log in 1:30/lecture at 2:00pm/ Sandy McLachlan

    •  Dinoflagellate Cysts — Serendipity & British Columbia's first K-Pg Boundary Interval.


3) March 5th, Sunday  •  VIPS AGM Election of directors and presentation VIPS “Year in Review” Field trips and presentations

with Dan Bowen


4) *March, 12th Sunday  •  Group visit to the Hand of man Museum in Duncan.  Fee at door $20. For adults.

Time 10:00 am -5:00 pm. Call to confirm.


5) April 9th Sunday  • Field Trip #1 to Hornby Island catch the 9:00 ferry from Buckley Bay, Low tide 2:00 noon at 1.0 m/ Phipps Point exposures. Meet me in Dans or at 8:15am or at 8:45 for the 9:00 am ferry.


6) Note change  •  April 22, Saturday Field Trip /to Shelter Point and Ocean Grove Beach low tide 1.0 @ 12:00am. Crab Fossils. Check the beach for any new exposures. Meet me at 8:30 am or drive directly to the Shelter Point beach site. See you there. If you need directions let me know.


7) *** Note change: May 6th, Saturday  •  Field Trip #2 to Hornby Island catch the 9:00 ferry from Buckley Bay, Low tide 12:00 noon at 0.6 m/ Collishaw exposures. Meet at Dans, or at 8:15am or at 8:45 for the 9:00 am ferry. Easy.


8) May 13th, Saturday  •  Hornby Island Fossil Fair, help promote the Hornby Natural history centre. VIPS will have a fossil display and will help ID fossils. Volunteers welcome. Please advise Dan or Betty.


9) May 21, Sunday 2:00 pm  •  VIPS Paleo Round Table - Hear views from the Royal BC Museum, the Courtenay Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum and prominent citizen Scientists. Details and agenda to follow. (By Zoom, details to follow)


10) * New  •  Campbell River Rock and Gem Show. June 3-4th Saturday and Sunday VIPS will have a large fossil display. We will invite all to attend and man the display Interested folks text Dan 1 250 897 5026/ or Betty 1 250 650 8976. Need volunteers to man the station.


11) June 9-10-11-12, Fri-Mon  •  14th Paleontological Symposium, 4 days of Paleontological discoveries presented, plus field trips, new species posters and workshops.  Eventbrite Link


12)  June 17-21  •  Field Trip to Escalante, fly in from Gold River. This trip participation will be shortlisted.

Participants must be able to camp out for 4 days.


13) July 24, Sunday  •  Field Trip to Northwest Bay Pit and Boomerang Lake. We will be exploring the old sites, but also some new ones. Boomerangense/ Call me to confirm meeting at Gate time/ 9:30 am. Easy


14)  August 1-6th  •  Yellow Bluff Bay-Tatchu-Jurassic Point -  5-day trip. Full camp mode. Expedition boat from Tahsis to YBB.

More details to follow. Strenuous.


15)  August 20th, Sunday  •  VIPS Annual Saber-tooth Salmon BBQ at Dan’s. 2120 Stewart, bring a friend, food, beverage, and lawn chair and auction item. Social @ 4:00-5:00/Dinner @ 5:00-6:30/ Paleo…Auction 6:30-7:30. With Jay Hawley on guitar for your entertainment.


16) Sept 17th, 2:00 PM/June 18, Sunday, 2 pm  •  Presentation — Dan Bowen — Struck by Lightning: The Mary Anning Story. Learn about the unbelievable life history of Mary Anning and her many discoveries, from the Chair of the Vancouver Island Paleontological Society. (See above Link


17)  Oct 22nd, 2:00 pm  •  Presentation  •  Victoria Arbour from the Royal BC Museum  •  Ferrisaurus sustutensis and the Dinosaurs of the Sustut Basin, northern British Columbia, Canada


18) Dave Rudkin, The Discovery of Isotelus, the World's Largest Trilobite & Arthropod Gigantism. No date yet.


19) David Evans, First Fossil Remains of a Hadrosaur on Vancouver Island. No date yet


All presentations will be by Zoom through






Moulding / Fossil Casting Workshop Photos

Replica of Kourisodon skull

Making skull moulds

Latex moulds x 4

Latex ammonite mould

Rod Bartlett - Mould Man