VIPS Field Trips & Events 2014  - as on Feb 16th, 2014

To the members of the VIPS:


The VIPS plans to have field trip each month. We also have a VIPS meeting on the second Wednesday of each month.

All are welcome. Most field trips leave from Dan’s.


Please call me: 250-897-5026 and or meet at 2120 Stewart Ave. I will update the events periodically.


February 23, Sunday: VIPS AGM at 1:30 PM at the Courtenay Museum,

VIPS lecture “Written in Stone: - Fossil history of Vancouver Island”, with Dan Bowen, Chair of the VIPS.


March 16th Sunday: Lecture at 1:30, at the Courtenay Museum; VIPS Lecture “Amber and Ice” with Presentation by Graham Beard co-author of West Coast Fossils. Lecture about fossil amber and the fossil record in BC of mammoths.


March 30, Sunday, Field Trip: Hornby Island, Field Trip # 1 (12:30 pm 5 ft low tide). Depart from Dan’s at 8:15 am catch the 9:00 ferry to Denman. Arrive Hornby 11:00 am. (Find what the winter storms turned up). Car pool.


Or April 13th Sunday: “Anatomy and Evolution of Birds.” Presentation by Gary Kaiser, author of The Inner Bird at 1:30 pm at Courtenay Museum.


April 27, Sunday Field Trip: Hornby Island Field Trip #2 (11:10am 4 ft low tide). Depart from Dan’s at 8:15am catch the 9:00 ferry to Denman. Arrive Hornby 11:00am. (Looking for Mosasaurs). Car pool.


May 3-4, Sat and Sun: Courtenay Rock and Gem at the Royal Canadian Legion 367 Cliff Ave. Setup Friday, 6:00 pm. Opening to the public 10:am-5:00 Sat. and 10:00-4:00 Sunday. Need Volunteers - Call Dan 250-897-5026.


May 11th, Sunday: Lecture on “How Fossils are Formed.” Presentation by Graham Beard is about the science behind the many ways fossils are formed. At 1:30 at the Courtenay Museum.


May 25, Sunday, Shelter Point Field Trip: Low tide @ 11:22am of 4 ft., Sunday. Meet at Dan’s @ 8:00am, Crabs, ammi’s and lobsters, new sites. Car pool.


June 14-15, Sat. and Sun: Ripple Rock and Gem at Navy League Hall in Campbell River. Set up @ 8:30-9:30 Saturday morning. Opening to the public 10:am-5:00 Sat. and 10:00-4:00 Sunday. Need Volunteers.


June  TBA: Jim Haggart Lecture - Cretaceous Greenhouse Earth. What were the levels of CO2 then, and how did that affect life in the ocean and on the land? What does this mean with future climate change and our greenhouse earth today?


June 22nd Sunday, Trent River Field Trip: Haslam Formation. Depart from Dan’s 8:30 am. (Come prepared to get wet; water levels could still be high.) Poly zone.


July 6th, Sunday: VIPS Annual Saber-Tooth Salmon BBQ at Dan’s. 2120 Stewart Bring friend, food, beverage, and lawn chair and auction item. Social @ 4:00-5:00. Dinner @ 5:00-600. Auction 6:00-7:00.


August 8 - 11, Friday-Monday - Escalante Field Trip: Members only limited to 8 people. Low tides morning 8:00 am - 9:00 am.

Call Dan to confirm.


September 7th Sunday, Field Trip: Tsable Canyon/ or Chemanius River, Santonian/ Comox Formation.


October 5th, Sunday, Field Trips: - TBA  November 26, Thursday, Field Trips: - TBA