VIPS Field Trips & Events 2022

To the members of the VIPS:


1) February 13, Sunday/ AGM 1:00-1:45/ 2:00-3:15 Guest speaker Danna Staaf author of “Squid Empire” title Cephalopods are the new dinosaurs


2) March 20th Sunday 2:00/ Presentation, Kirk Johnson - A Lucky Paleontologist & the Tale of Three Splendid Canadian Fossils. Join us for a talk with the Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History & a Paleontologist. (See link)


3) April 3, Sunday/ Field Trip #1/ to Hornby Island catch the 9:00 ferry from Buckley Bay low tide 1.0 m at 2:00pm/ New location in the red zone. Meet at Dans at 8:30 am or at the ferry.


4) April 24th /Presentation/ John-Paul Zonneveld, Brave New World: Recovery from the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction & the Significance of Marine Triassic Faunas in Northeastern British Columbia, (see link)


5) May 15, Sunday Field Trip #2/ to Hornby Island catch the 9:00 ferry from Buckley Bay, Low tide 12:00 noon at 0.8 m/ Collishaw exposures. Meet at Dans at 8:30 am or at the ferry.


6) May 22, Sunday 2:00 pm/ Presentation, Russell Shapiro — Stromatolites, Methane Seeps & Metamorphosed Fossils on Mars. Learn about his work as a paleontologist exploring fossils from the present day to over three billion years ago in our deep seas & searching for fossils on Mars for NASA. (See Link)


7) Sun, June 19, 2022, 2PM / Presentation, — Dan Bowen — Struck by Lightning: The Mary Anning Story. Learn about the unbelievable life history of Mary Anning and her many discoveries, from the Chair of the Vancouver Island Paleontological Society. (see Link)


8) June 12, Sunday, Field Trip /to Shelter Point and Ocean Grove beach low tide 0.7 @ 11:00am. Crab Fossils. Check the beach for any new exposures. Meet at Dan’s at 8:30 am or drive directly to the Shelter point beach site. See you there.



9) July 24, Sunday, Field Trip /Chemainus River and Northwest Bay or Boomerang Lake. We will be exploring the old sites, but also some new ones. Boomerangense


10)  August 11-15th Yellow Bluff Bay-Tatchu-Jurassic Point/ 5-day trip. Full camp mode. Expedition boat from Tahsis to YBB. More details to follow. (This trip is full)


11)  August 21 st , Sunday, VIPS annual Saber-tooth Salmon BBQ at Dan’s. 2120 Stewart, bring a friend, food, beverage, and lawn chair and auction item. Social @ 4:00-5:00/Dinner @ 5:00-6:30/ Paleo…Auction 6:30-7:30. With Jay Hawley on guitar for your entertainment.


12) Sept 25th/ Presentation 2:00 pm/ Presentation/ Dave Rutkin, Invertebrate paleontologist, specializing in Paleozoic marine Arthropoda. (see Link)


13) September 11, Tentatively, Ripple Rock and Gem. Saturday and Sunday VIPS fossil display and educational outreach, at CR Community centre, 401- 11th Ave. Set up @ 8:30-9:30 Saturday morning. Opening to the public 10:am-5:00 Sat. and 10:00-4:00 Sunday/Need volunteers/ Enjoy the show free for volunteers. (Subject to Covid protocol)


14) Sun, September 18, 2022,, 1PM PST/ Presentation / Dave Evans, Hadrosaurs & Ornithomimids from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. ( see Link)


15) Sun, September 25, 2022, 1PM PST/ Presentation / Joe Moysiuk, The Weird & the Wonderful: Lessons from the Cambrian world. (see Link)


16) Sun, October 16, 2022, 1PM / Presentation/ Dave Rudkin, The Discovery of Isotelus, the World's Largest Trilobite & Arthropod Gigantism.

17) See Link)


18) Sun, October 23, 2022, 11AM PST / Presentation, Phil Hadland, 101 Fossils of Folkstone, Kent. The amazing fossil Jurassic ammonites.


19) Sun, November 20, 2022, 2PM PST/ Presentation, Derek Larson — A New Species of Helochelydrid Turtle from the Late Cretaceous of Vancouver Island.


20) Sun, December 4, 2022, 2PM PST/ Presentation/ Victoria Arbour from the Royal BC Museum/  Ferrisaurus sustutensis and the Dinosaurs of the Sustut Basin, northern British Columbia, Canada


All presentations will be by Zoom through www.fossilfieldtripsandtalks.


Moulding / Fossil Casting Workshop Photos

Replica of Kourisodon skull

Making skull moulds

Latex moulds x 4

Latex ammonite mould

Rod Bartlett - Mould Man